Is this the end…..of Alternative radio?

Let’s be honest. Radio hasn’t been popular in the past decade or so. Music has evolved ever so greatly since the digital music scene was conceived. Before, your favorite stations were in negotiations (non-payola, of course) with top exec’s at labels to provide to you the latest & greatest from your favorite artists in that radio format genre. From hit new singles to extravagant tours, the radio was your gateway to keeping “in the know” with your favorite artists. Then came along the evil Sirius/XM monopoly that tried to magnetize subscribers to their “faux FM radio” appeal with little to non commercials nonetheless, decreasing loyalty to regional broadcasting companies.

As someone that was employed by numerous radio broadcasting companies for over four years, I saw what was happening to the world of radio, but it seemed as if I (along with many other co-workers) seemed to just turn our heads the other way to avoid the reality and scariness of what is left of the radio industry today. Throughout my time spent at three different radio broadcasting companies, I saw more lay-offs than I thought were humanly imaginable. It’s at that point that I realized…”who would actually think that they would want to put all of their eggs in one basket and risk the chance of becoming unemployed at any given second.”  It’s obvious that in today’s economy, anyone’s job can be eliminated at any moment. But the radio industry.. that’s a scary thing.

The reason for my rant is the current flip of Atlanta’s Project 96.1. It’s sad to see yet another really great cast/genre go to a syndicated format. Ryan Seacrest will now be featured on yet another “Top 40” radio show, which embodies the trend of an incredible popularity of current pop music. 

When it comes down to it, $ prevails all. The cutting of all daytime shows increase the ability of the broadcasting company to go forth in providing music to you, the listener. 

If you’re interested in reading the Billboard article of Ryan’s new home at Project 96.1 in Atlanta, check it out here


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