I just received my free Spotify “invitation” yesterday. I feel as an avid music listener and someone wanting to have a career in something music related, I jumped on this bandwagon a little later than most.. but pretty excited to check it out. Regardless, I’ve been using it non stop for the past 24 hours and I’m pretty impressed with it. In a way it reminds me of Grooveshark, but I don’t have to spend all day building and making a playlist. I like that you can pick your songs, unlike Pandora, and it also reminds me in some way of Purevolume. (I miss that site.)

BUT.. although Spotify has only been introduced and open to US residents for two weeks, they are now being sued for patent infringement. The plaintiff? Packetvideo. I’ve never heard of ’em. Supposedly they have a “strong intellectual property portfolio” but are suing based off their patented music delivery technology. ALTHOUGH I am interested in pursuing a prosecuting based stance in the world of music infringement, this lawsuit baffles me. WHY are Packetvideo now suing Spotify? It may have already happened, but I am not aware of any lawsuit against Grooveshark, Pandora, Purevolume and the like. What makes this different? Does Packetvideo see Spotify as someone that will CASH in on their patented invention? I think so.

Moral of the story.. if you haven’t already, check out Spotify today.